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sport, fish and chips and wkd the perfect weekend... well to me! =)

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sale sharks atmosphere against gwent dragons last night
stevie g
 ive been supporting sale for a long time and the atmosphere was the worst i have ever seen last night
there were a group of newport fans about 30 i would think (rubbish at maths) who totally out sung us 
30 against 3000!? come on!  we only were singing and shouting for the team when they were near the try line

what i think we need is some new songs (just saying SALE! SALE! is not a song!) so hear are a few ideas =)
1. the chorus of enimens not afraid
2. Wayne's world =D (dwayne peel, dwayne peel crowd goes wild when youre down the line pass pass pass and score a try)

please give a few ideas in the comment section =)

any rude comments will be deleted


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