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its the little things that count

sport, fish and chips and wkd the perfect weekend... well to me! =)

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football fanfics (wishlist)
stevie g
 1. rugby fanfiction (i would like to see some rugby slash any team! here are some suggestions.. ben youngs and toby flood, mark cueto,  and matthew tait!
2. ive seen a lot of things in fanfic and you tube when they base lets say draco and hermione on twilight mabye someone could do this in football fanfic loads of storys i could think off to choose romeo and juliet, ever after, Cinderella story (dont ask me why XD)
3. mixing up different sports  does not have to be a "love" relationship could be a friendship story
4. lots of sernando! pretty please with a cherry on top! there my fave they are so cute! XD
5. a sernando fanfic based on kelly clarksons addicted please
7. a footie or rugby slash based on my immortal a theme suggestion car crash, brain damage and memory and maybe a bit of drug and drink problems
8. a torres/gerrad/ xabi about when gerrad was arrested
9. and for a bit of a challange a team fanfiction about Portsmouth fc going through all the bankruptcy and administration problems
10.and for a bit of a laugh a ferndiand/savage fanfic to kiss with a fist XD   


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